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Hackers - Who are they?

With the internet and the unlimited amount of resources that can be found on it, Hacking is no longer restricted to people with extraordinary programming skills. Hacking is open to anyone who is willing to learn. In addition, many schools have opened around the world to teach how to become Professional Hackers - enrollment in these schools is open to anyone interested no matter what their motivation might be.

Generally, there are 2 types of Hackers.

White Hat Hacker: (Certified Ethical Hacker)

Someone who is paid and works with clients to secure their systems and resources, the white hacker has written permission from the client. These are the good guys!

Black Hat Hacker: (Unethical hacker)

Someone who exploits systems and resources for financial, personal or political motivations. These are the bad guys!

There are 2 types of Black Hat Hackers: Persistent and Casual

Persistent attacker:
Someone with a significant motivation, someone who will do everything within their power to gain access to a system.

Casual attacker:
Usually someone who looks for easy targets, like small businesses withholding thousands of pieces of private information on their databases including credit cards, SIN, first and last name, addresses etc... as in office computers of doctors, dentists, lawyers, MPs, real estates, travel agents, brokers, investors and any small business which requires storing of client data.